Sunday, November 30, 2014

Advent is Here
Do you have your Advent Wreath out?
Do you have a copy of Rediscover Catholicism?
What can you do to rediscover the greatness of our Lord Jesus Christ? Here is a suggestion, attend a couple of daily Masses this Advent Season. Please keep the intentions of Trinity Parish and St. Paul's School in your prayers. Save this Calendar on your computer, or print an extra copy to hang on your wall.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Christ the King Sunday

This is the last week in Ordinary Time. Our celebration of Christ the King Sunday precedes our Advent season. Are you ready?

Congratulations to three parishioners who joined the Knights of Columbus last Thursday: Lance Decker, Pierre Letourneau, Johnathan Perkins!

Consider the Rediscover Catholicism group. Those who participate with Frank Daigneault on Sundays at 9:45AM may use the following reading schedule, reading Part I before Advent. 
Before the first week of Advent read Pgs. 11 to 63
Before the second week of Advent read Pgs. 64 to 139
Before the third week of Advent read Pgs. 140 to 279
Before the fourth week of Advent read Pgs. 280 to 317
 Books are available in all the churches. Bring a friend!

Discussion question for the week: how can our focus on Christ remain strong in all of the holiday activities?